Why adding VO to your videos is so effective for marketing

Why adding VO to your videos is so effective for marketing 150 150 Kate Marcin



Video marketing is a great way to bring more attention to your business or brand. More people are watching videos online than ever before. According to one recent video marketing statistic, over 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day. There’s also a lot of competition online, so it’s important to make your video stand out. Having voiceover in your video can be very effective for your video marketing in several ways. Here are some of the top benefits of using voiceover in your marketing videos.

1. Keeps your audience’s attention

A video with just text might not keep your audience focused on your video much. Hearing a quality voiceover will make it more likely that they stay tuned in to knowing what your business is about. A voiceover artist is skilled in taking the right pauses and using the right tone that keeps people engaged and interested in what they’re saying. While it may be tempting to do it yourself, a professional with experience can help ensure that your audience won’t be bored or uninspired by your marketing video.

2. Connects with your audience more

When you’re just reading text on a screen in a video, there’s not really much connection you get from that. In contrast, when you’re hearing a human voice speak to you in a friendly tone and using emotion, it’s easy to become connected to what that person is saying. An experienced voiceover artist can project a wide variety of emotions to make your audience feel connected to your business and the product you’re selling. In particular, this connection can be achieved if you hire a voiceover talent that relates to your audience. It can be someone from the same area as the audience you’re targeting, in the same age demographic, and perhaps of the same gender you’re targeting if necessary. The more the audience can relate to the voiceover in your video, the more they can feel like they identify with your brand.


3. Adds credibility

Another thing a voiceover can do for your marketing video is make your business sound more credible. It’s necessary to make the audience feel that they can trust your brand and the product or service they’ll be receiving from you. Similar to the previous benefit, relatability also plays a role in creating that credibility with your audience. Using a voiceover artist that doesn’t come from the same country as your audience runs the risk of creating confusion, and confusion will create mistrust with your brand. Numerous psychological studies have shown that we tend to trust people who are more like us. We also tend to trust people who speak confidently, which an experienced voiceover artist will be able to project in their speech.

4. Makes your brand memorable

One of the ultimate goals you’re trying to achieve with your marketing video is to be memorable. Most of your audience might not act on purchasing your products after their first time watching your marketing video. Nonetheless, if your marketing video sticks in your audience’s mind, they’ll be more likely to search for your business later and potentially buy the product or service that was advertised. There’s an old quote by Carl W. Buehner that states, “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Using a voiceover will be more likely to generate feelings that people will remember than text on a screen. They can even add a little catchiness to your brand that makes it more recognizable. A good example of this is the old Geico commercials. You can probably still hear that distinct voice in your head that would say, “We all do dumb things, but paying too much for car insurance doesn’t have to be one of them.”

5. Calls your audience to action

A voiceover delivering a call to action in your marketing videos can accomplish two things. The first thing it can do is help make it more clear to your audience what they should do to purchase your products or services. The second and perhaps most important thing a call to action can do is inspire your target audience to go ahead and buy from you. From over-the-top infomercials to late night televangelism, a vocal call to action has proven successful in influencing people to spend their money for many years now. In addition, you can use the call to action to ask your audience to fill out forms that can give you a better understanding of who your audience is, and how you can market to them better.

All of these benefits make it well worth considering a professional voiceover for your next marketing video. Be sure to know who your target audience is to better understand what kind of voiceover artist could relate to them. That way you can pick the best professional to represent your brand and help generate more traffic and revenue to your company.