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Powerful Commercial Voice Over by Kate Marcin


Why Do You Need Commercial Voice Over?

You have this excellent product or service or product to offer the world. But people don’t know about it yet. So, you want to do a commercial to introduce your product to the world. But you don’t want any plain-old bland commercial. So, you invest in the perfect ad. You start with striking visuals, impeccable product placement, and arresting music. But something’s missing. From whom is your audience going to hear this message?

Commercial Voice Over Videos

Toyota Corolla 2020 with offers
Breckenridge Summer Family 30 YOUTUBE
Sealy Mattresses Now at Big Lots!
Skechers GOGolf - Brooke Henderson
ChristianaCare: For the Love of Health
Meerkat - Hogle Zoo
90 Day Fiancé The Other Way S01E21 FULL
Gifted and Talented Commercial
Brookdale Chevrolet Commercial
Target Wholesome Wave
Barrett Sotheby's International Realty's Fall TV Commercial 2017
"Letters" :15 sec Retail Commercial 2019
ABC Early 1970s Commercials
Frank Webb Home's 2017 TV Brand Ad
Ovation Heartwood Preserve TV Spot
MiraLax Social Video
INFINITI QX50 Demo Kate Marcin

Commercial Voice Over Videos

Toyota Corolla 2020 with offers
Wathogs and Meerkats: Now at Hogle Zoo!
"Letters" :30 sec Retail Commercial 2019
Skechers Men's WORK Tech 30 Commercial
The Edge You Need

The Perfect Voice Over Delivers Results

The perfect voice speaking on your commercial is a secret weapon that completely captures the attention and imagination of your audience. It gives potential buyers complete faith in your product. It also compels them to believe and trust your sales message. It brings the right touch to your sales message to make it memorable in the minds of your target audience. It becomes the first thing they think of when they remember your product. By selecting the right voice over actor, you are taking a step toward giving your product the competitive edge. It needs that edge to be outstanding in a crowded market.

Selecting the perfect voice over actor is paramount to the success of your product. This person has to get the right tone, the right pitch, the right intensity, and the perfect delivery. It’s the best way to carry your message to your target audience. She has to deliver a sense of realism to your message. She also has to get the right mood and atmosphere. She has to inspire your audience to trust your product and believe your words.

A voice actor will draw attention to your product, service, and company. How? By conveying the right character and tone to your message. Your brand can even become known for the captivating voice in its ads. The right narrator can transform it from an ordinary product on store shelves. That voice can make it as beloved and familiar to your potential client as his or her best friend.

Consider the cutesy and eccentric tone of Progressive’s Flo. Another good example is the profound wisdom suggested in the bass narration of Allstate ads. There’s also the unconventional magnetism of the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World.” You’ve probably heard these ads and their narrators for years. We trust people who are most like ourselves – that’s basic psychology. Accent, age, and gender are all critical in selecting your voice talent.

Why Kate Marcin is the Right Voice Over Talent For Your Commercial

Your potential client needs to hear your message from a relatable voice. That voice must also be trustworthy. It has to flow over the words you have scripted. It must stimulate the confidence and trust of your audience towards your product. You need an experienced voice who can deliver your message in a warm conversational tone: An industry professional that will read your script with natural, skillful grace. Professionals know how to set your target audience at ease. This person must have a voice that knows how to punctuate the keywords of your message to your audience. She has to guide them to value your brand and product as much as you do. For many companies in several industries, that professional voice belongs to Kate Marcin.

A Relatable, Millennial Voice

Kate has the voice to produce voice-overs to which hip, young millennials can relate. It’s no wonder her services are in such demand. She has done voice-over content for both radio and television commercials. She has worked for banks, automotive and technology companies, and major retail chains, and her clients include well-known brands such as Google, Sketchers, Target, and Toyota. Kate knows the secret to a successful commercial: the feeling that it gives the potential customer after the commercial ends. It may be a sense of nostalgia, or it may renew a sense of resolve to fulfill a need or craving. She will use her vast experience to deliver the voice-over that your product needs. Kate knows how to resonate with your target audience. She knows how to connect what you want for your product to what the target audience needs to hear. Kate always delivers exceptional quality commercial reads. She remains in line with the directions given every time.

Getting Your the Attention of Consumers

In this modern world, many forms of media are vying for the attention of consumers. Your product needs a voice that can draw customers. During television commercials, most people take the opportunity to check their mobile devices. They may not even be looking at the TV screen. Thus, they may not notice the perfect product placement on which you worked so hard. But they will be listening, and they should hear a voice that is warm and friendly. That voice will put them at ease and create the right emotional response to draw them to your product. Rest assured that Kate knows how to do this. Check out her many voice over samples where you can see for yourself how well she delivers quality work. Then feel free to contact her to give your company that competitive edge that it deserves. She knows how to help you do that.  Kate has that conversational, warm, natural voice over that companies love.

Check out Kate’s commercial voice-over demos and contact her for a quote  today!


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kate-marcin-Voice Over Artist -logo
Commercial Voiceovers by Kate Marcin

Kate has a relatable, girl-next-door commercial delivery that draws audiences in and reaches your target customers. Easygoing, sounds like she’s talking to a friend commercial voiceovers.