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Explainer videos are short animated films that describe a business idea. They can describe a company, website, project, or product in a simple, engaging, and compelling way.

Companies use explainer videos to provide clear and concise information. They often use them to present their new products or services. The videos can also serve as a tool to inform and educate customers. Explainer videos have taken the marketing arena by storm.

What makes these videos so engaging? One of the critical elements is the explainer video narrator you choose. The most crucial aspect of an explainer video is the professional voice over. Kate Marcin is the professional voice over talent that you need to bring your explainer videos to life.

Explainer Video Voice Over Videos

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Why Your Business Needs Explainer Videos

The uses of explainer videos include:

  1. Getting and maintaining the attention of your audience
  2. Convincing them that your product or service is right for them
  3. A call to action, convincing your audience to buy the product

That is a lot of ask from one video, so you have to understand that voice over has a significant role. Everything depends on whether the artist is engaging and effective.

Explainer Video Narration

You’re going to want a style that’s not overbearing, but that is instead conversational. For each word to count, the voiceover artist needs to speak it with the correct precision. She can toss around trade terms and jargon, but she can’t rush through words which introduce themes that are new to the audience. You need a professional voice to be able to make this all sound natural, relatable and intriguing.

How Does Voice Over Impact Video?

The first task that the voice over artist has to do is to get the attention of your audience. People are sensitive to the human voice. It sometimes gives us more information than the actual words. We sense the speaker’s mood and emotions, and her enthusiasm can spread to us. If you opt for a professional voice over for your explainer video, you need someone who knows how to get listeners’ attention. The voiceover artist should also know how to keep that attention throughout the video.

A charismatic voice is far more effective than written words or subtitles. If the speaker has a genuine voice, we will feel that we can trust her and the recommendations that she makes. It convinces customers to consider your product. They feel as if they are talking with an old friend whom they can trust.

What is the Goal of Voice Over?

The goal is whatever you decide. Like any other marketing tool, voice over can serve to raise brand awareness. We associate some brands with the unique voices used in their commercials. Explainer videos help to increase conversions, which can come in the form of more clicks. They can also show up as more subscriptions or increased sales. Voice over is there to support the message you want to send to your prospective customers

What are the Types of Explainer Videos?

Marketers use explainer videos for different purposes. That’s why there are so many types. One of the most common is the How-To video. It guides the audience and explains to them how to do something. It can also show them the correct use of a product or service. Your business needs a professional voice actor whose tone is understandable. Her voice should be well-paced and easy to follow.

There are also Demo explainer videos and Testimonial explainer videosExplainer video narration has to adapt to the purpose of the video and the role it is playing. For example, it can portray a satisfied customer who had a problem that your product solved.

How to Choose a Professional Voice Actor?

Look for someone who has experience in various fields and who knows how to adapt. Her voice should be understandable but not flat. You should look for someone who sounds persuasive and pleasant.

Excellent communication is essential before making a video. At this stage, companies need to explain to the actor what kind of message they want to send to their audience. Professional voice actors will then get into the role and adjust their tone and style to suit.

Why Choose Kate Marcin for Your Explainer Video?

Kate’s career in the voice over business has furnished her with diverse skills. She has the experience to teach audiences about many subjects. She is also very versatile. Her explainer videos include those describing apps, websites, automotive topics, cloud computing, office products, and more.

Do your explainer videos call for a voice narration that sounds solemn? Do you need a warm voice or one that’s easygoing or wry? Or are you looking for something that incorporates each of those? Kate can deliver any sound with precision and style. See her Explainer Video Demo and video samples to check out Kate’s style. Click here for a custom audition for your explainer video narration or for a quote for voiceover services today.


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Explainer Video Voiceovers by Kate Marcin

Kate grabs the interest of your audience and delivers the information you need them to learn with her warm, confident voiceover style. Calm, nice, thoughtful, comforting, intelligent.