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Are You a Book Lover?

Love for books will never die. Still, in this busy world, the ability and time needed to curl up and pick up an actual book can be quite elusive. Audiobooks have filled this void. Now you can “read” your favorite romance or fantasy authors on your own time. You can listen to audiobooks while doing your laundry, on your commute to and from work, school, or an event. You can even learn a new thing or two from a self-help book by listening to the narration.

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      Eager to Serve

Kate Marcin is an Audiobook Author’s Dream

Audiobook narrator Kate Marcin has a fantastic way with every author’s words. And her fans always want more. Characters come alive in her narrations. Accents, nuances, and emotions all come through. Such is the power of Kate’s warm, clear, and engaging storytelling skills.

High Quality, Flawless, Easy-to-Listen-to Narration

Many authors and major audiobook publishers trust Kate to deliver high quality. Her narrations are easy-to-listen-to and flawless. She’s the voice of many series and authors ask her back to narrate their stories all the time! She is a top-rated narrator of contemporary romance, science fiction, and fantasy. She does voice-overs for young adult and non-fiction audiobooks as well.

A Voice That Delves Into the Heart of Your Characters

Authors and publishers know Kate can delve into each character’s voice. She’s the right voice that pulls in and connects the listener to the story. Kate is also dependable with her delivery and communication. She is authentic with perfect timing that brings the story to life. She can develop believable characters with different and timely inflections. These qualities make Kate one of the top narrators in the business.

Delivering an Engaging, Interesting, and Believable Experience

Kate’s delivery is just like your own imagination. She creates an atmosphere based on the book that she is narrating. Kate’s voice ensures you connect with your fiction books. She makes you believe that you are one of the characters in the book. Whether being the villain or the hero, you feel like part of the book. Imagine yourself going back to an era where it’s risqué to wear a dress with a slit. Imagine having your love interest look into your eyes. Kate can also transport you to a future where all vehicles fly, and you meet the female of your dreams.

Bring Readers to a Place Where the Story Comes to Life

Listening to Kate can bring you to smell the flowers in the garden. She’ll make you feel the earth passing through your fingers, and your toes sinking in the sand. Her narration can also bring you a high climax or a sense of peace based on the story. Many people listen to Kate’s audiobooks while doing housework or commuting to work. They find themselves wishing that their current duties do not end. Why? Because they want to hear another paragraph, a next page, another chapter. Finishing an audiobook brings you not only disappointment but also a hunger to get another. Audiobooks are addictive. They heighten your emotions and take you to a magical place.

Voice Over That Makes Non-Fiction Engaging!

Authors base non-fiction books on facts. Kate brings these books to a different level. How? With clear narratives, an engaging voice, and professionalism. Here you learn with a narrator invested in your listening pleasure. Kate brings across points that may have been difficult to grasp, and she does so in a captivating manner. She makes it easy to learn and remember. It doesn’t matter if it’s a documentary on the Civil War or Beyoncé’s rise to stardom. Kate can ensure that when the story ends, your target audience has grasped the writer’s point of view.

Connecting Readers and Characters

Kate’s engaging voice ensures that young or old enjoy the audiobook. No matter the age, a narrator that brings readers one inch closer to the character is captivating. At times you’ll feel like you’re the character yourself. You root for the heroine and feel empathy or rage for the villain. You feel love for the newlyweds or the pain of an injury from a fall. At the end of it all, you appreciate the full audiobook for what it is.

When Kate is narrating your audiobook, there’s no need to worry about a thing. It’s a smooth, distinct, and enthusiastic narration experience that listeners will never forget.

Request an Audiobook Sample

Don’t hesitate. Check out Kate’s Demos and audiobook samples. You can also read reviews from other authors, publishers, and even readers.  When you are ready, contact Kate to book her as your narrator for your audiobooks. You will not be disappointed. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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Audiobook narration Voiceovers by Kate Marcin

Kate has a warm, natural storytelling voice that works perfectly with audiobook narration. Draw listeners into your audiobook with her tone.