Why hiring a cheap VO talent will hurt your business

Why hiring a cheap VO talent will hurt your business 150 150 Kate Marcin

When you need a voiceover recorded for your project, it’s tempting to try to find someone who’d be willing to do it at a really low price. Nonetheless, the risk of hiring someone at a low price means you risk not getting a good audio recording. There are even more downsides beyond that. Here all the reasons why hiring a cheap voiceover artist will hurt your business.


1. Poor recording

As mentioned in the opening, the first downside to hiring a cheap voiceover artist is that you might end up getting a poor quality recording.  A cheap voiceover artist may not have the highest quality recording equipment or editing software. Even if they do have the necessary equipment, because they’re probably inexperienced, they might also lack the knowledge to properly edit their voiceover to sound professional. That could mean a lot of cracking and scratching sounds in the audio. Even worse, it could mean hearing a lot of background noise. The end result is that you have an audio recording that if you decide to use it anyway just because you paid for it, it’s going to reflect poorly on your business. It’s the littlest things that can lead people to make quick judgments about the quality of your business.

2. Higher cost

When you pay for a cheap voiceover recording and it doesn’t come out well, you’ll end up having to get the work redone, so you’ll be paying twice. Beyond the extra cost of money, paying for a cheap voiceover artist can cost you time as well. You might have to constantly tell them adjustments they need to make because they’re not experienced enough to create a good recording on their own. You’ll be having to double check everything to make sure there are no mistakes. All of that time and energy you spend doing that will take away from the time and energy you could spend on other important aspects of your business.


3. Uninspiring work

Even in the best case scenario where you manage to get a recording with decent audio quality, you’re still dealing with someone that likely has little to no experience. It’s because they don’t have any experience that they may not communicate your script in a way that inspires your audience. A professional voiceover artist knows how to speak with confidence. When people hear someone speaking with confidence, they tend to view them as more credible, and thus your business would be viewed more credibly.

When you hire someone cheaply, if the person doesn’t speak with much confidence, your target audience might not trust your business. Professional VoiceOver talent are also skilled at changing the tone of their voice in a way that touches people emotionally and inspires them to act. If no one is inspired by the voiceover in your project, you’re less likely to gain any new customers. The voiceover will either be so uninspiring that your business isn’t memorable, or worse, people will remember how uninspiring the voiceover was and view your business as boring. In the end, the project could turn out to be a complete waste of money.

4. Bad reputation

Let’s say you decide to hire the cheapest voiceover artist on a freelance site. In the process of spending a lot of time having to tell them to fix something, there could be built-up frustration between you and the person you hire. As a result of that built-up frustration, the cheap voice artist might end up leaving you a bad review as an employer. Perhaps they’ll say you’re too demanding and difficult to work with. Despite that, the bad review isn’t the consequence your business will suffer. The consequence is that when you do end up having to search for an experienced voice artist, they’ll be wary about working with you because of the bad review. This hurts your business by making it that much more difficult to get your project finished, and you’ll continue to miss out on all the traffic and profits you could gain from your target audience seeing it.


Why you should invest in a professional voiceover artist

As you’ve seen, there are many ways hiring a cheap voiceover artist can hurt your business. Nonetheless, there are also many ways investing in a professional voice artist can help your business. Professional talents are easier to work with. They have all the right equipment and soundproofing, are easy to direct, and have the knowledge necessary to edit your voiceover to make it sound high-quality. Just as poor quality can reflect badly on a business, high quality can reflect well on a business, and make people feel more encouraged to buy from them. Best of all, you can save money only having to get the job done once.

You can either hire cheap or professional, but you can’t hire both. That combination will never exist. Given how hard it is to run a business, it’s important to save all the time, energy, and money you can by hiring a professional voiceover artist who can get things done right the first time. When you choose an experienced voice artist, you’ll get the highest quality recording that will make your business look good and hopefully earn you lots of new customers.