Tony Guerra

Tony Guerra 150 150 Kate Marcin

…Playing the role of father and daughter…She did this masterfully creating the genuine dialogue that is imperative to keeping one’s suspension of disbelief.

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Anonymous, Goodreads

Anonymous, Goodreads 150 150 Kate Marcin

I listen to the The Mage and the Magpie almost every night to fall asleep to and never tire of it. I can’t wait until Kate Marcin narrates the sequels!

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Isha Coleman

Isha Coleman 150 150 Kate Marcin

Kate Marcin proved the right person for that tough job. Ms. Marcin made every teardrop worth crying and every smile a well earned reward.

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Jason Kimerling

Jason Kimerling 150 150 Kate Marcin

Thanks for the great read, Kate! Your tone and pacing were just what I was looking for and I appreciate the quick turnaround…

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Lisa Sorich

Lisa Sorich 150 150 Kate Marcin

Kate was fantastic – very professional and took direction well. Her turn around time for multiple pick-ups was mind-bendingly fast as well. Highly recommend.

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