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Look, does anyone like it when a company places them on hold? Not too many people. Your company can change a usually terrible experience into an enjoyable one. How? With the right voice at the end of the phone line. Female voice over artist Kate Marcin is delivers that experience for countless companies. She is perfect for on-hold messages plus lots of other phone-related business needs.

From large companies to small, from phone tree systems to on-hold messages, Kate is the go-to voice artist. She has a warm, easy-to-listen-to sound. She can share your message in a way that reaches your customers and keeps them on the line.

IVR / Telephony Voice Over Videos

Quality Telephony Voice Over Talent

Kate’s voice over projects include outbound telephone marketing messages and campaigns. She also voices robocalling subjects, IVR, and phone prompts. Kate is also an expert for voicemail trees, auto attendants, and much more. Do you need a calm voice to deliver lots of information? An excited voice to share new offerings while your clients wait? Kate has voiced all types of phone projects, and she can handle any scenario.

Listen to Kate’s Telephony Voice Over Demo here. You can also contact her for a complimentary custom audition. Get your quote for voice over services today.

It does not matter if you’re a corporate, industrial, or retail client. For any company, on-hold messaging is the front door to your business. A welcoming voice is a mirror that any brand or business should embrace in their image and identity. It gives a picture that customers can see beyond the physical eye. Today as the world is growing more digital, the voice of your brand or business should represent you in all that you do. Kate Marcin’s voice does more than that. It is versatile and can flow in any given moment for any purpose.

Kate Marcin’s voice is one of the best in the voiceover industry. This magnificent voiceover artist values her clients’ time, and she is very flexible. Your experience with her is sure to leave you satisfied. Using Kate for your sophisticated Interactive Voice Response system will draw clients in. When the clients are on hold, they won’t feel impatient for one second. The interactive and conversational voice of Kate Marcin is the antidote to irritation. The conversation feels all-natural because this mesmerizing voice is relatable and warm.

A Full Spectrum of IVR Telephony Voice Over Tones

Kate offers plenty of options. You can choose an Easy type of voice for messages that need a relaxed mood. Alternatively, you can go for a Confident one that fits well in advertisements, PR, or marketing. Kate Marcin has them all. She goes from breezy to rich to comfortable. Her voice is warm, natural, confident, comforting, friendly, and much more.

Kate’s voice persuades you to take it easy, to relax and just be. It allows for natural and recognizable tones, which resonate with normal human hearing and comfort. It also has a corporate professional depth. This quality is excellent for stakeholder trust and engagement on an influential level. Kate’s voice will keep your customer’s on the line while they’re on hold.

The Industries and Fields Kate Marcin’s Voice Caters To

Kate Marcin’s voice caters to many fields and for various purposes. There are endless possibilities and a variety of choices from which to choose. She is excellent for commercial environments like mass marketing, television, radio, online channels, person-to-person interactions, and industrial applications of IVR. Her on-hold messaging has been resonating with large groups of employees. She has clients across different levels of the manufacturing industry.

Why Use a Professional Voice For Your Phone Systems?

You might think you can do your voicemail and on-hold messaging yourself, but you’ll soon realize how much better it is to have a professional voice-over artist do the job for you. Professional voice talent has trained for a long time to be able to deliver messages in exactly the right way. Kate Marcin’s voice is warm, comforting, and relatable so she’ll draw your customers in and keep them happy while they’re on hold.

A Real Voice is Always Better Than an Artificial One

Nothing is more exasperating for a client than listening to an artificial voice. It makes them feel that they are having a conversation with a mere machine over the network. Now, when your client has to listen to the on-hold messaging, they will feel better. More important, they will never feel neglected.

Kate has the tone that everyone wants to hear when they call a business. It’s soothing when they are on hold in IVR, in commercial, in real person, and many more scenarios. The on-hold messaging feels real. Your clients will feel better being on hold with a human being doing the IVR. Kate Marcin is your go-to voice for all fields. With Kate, you will never run out of voiceover options. Contact Kate for a custom audition and quote today!

Some of Kate Marcin’s Clients

Today Kate Marcin is the voice behind many brands. Some examples are McGraw Hill, South West, IBM, Nike, Google, DELL, Infinity, Volkswagen, and much more.


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kate-marcin-Voice Over Artist -logo
IVR/Telefony Voiceovers by Kate Marcin

Kate has the kind of voice that can keep your client’s on the line instead of hanging up. With her clear, warm and engaging voice, she’s the perfect choice for your IVR/Telefony voiceovers.