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Female Voice Over Narration for Corporate Videos

      Corporate Narration

Are you looking for a female corporate voice over? Kate Marcin welcomes visitors to your website, as your female corporate narration expert. Corporate/industrial narration includes:

Female Professional Narration Service for Corporate Videos

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Bonnaroo | Neighborhood Sessions | State Farm® #HereToHelp Lounge
Hudson Pacific Properties
SendPro C200 shipping and mailing system
DellWorld2018 VO
Volkswagen Mobile Case Study
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Treva Engineering Bioplastic | Eastman
Lune+Aster Brand Video | bluemercury
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  • Establishing brand identity/image
  • Compliance
  • Advertising/PR support
  • Recruitment
  • Employee relations
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Public affairs
  • Public responsibility
  • Sales/promotional meetings
  • New product introductions
  • Technical and training tutorials
  • and more

Why Your Corporation Needs Voice Over Talent for Video Projects.

One of the best ways to reach your audience online is to tell a story about your brand or product through videos. The family origin of your company or the story of why you created the product can make a connection to the viewer.  The best way to carve the relationship you’re trying to make is to have a professional voice over tell the story. It’s easy to control the message when a voiceover artist narrates between sound clips.

Kate Marcin is the right talent to help you capture – and keep – your audience’s attention. She can help you to strengthen your brand among your stakeholders. Kate’s specialties include business and corporate training videosinstructional tutorials, Flash and PowerPoint presentations, e-learning modules, explainer videos, and audiobooks.

Kate’s experience in the field and her love of people will help your story to connect. The corporate workforce has become more global, virtual, and complex. Thus, the ability to communicate is more important than ever. Kate is effective at delivering critical business topics to employees and stakeholders. Are you ready to take your corporate narration projects to the next level? Female voice over talent may be what you need. It can help you transform even the driest of topics into a delightful experience. It’s the catalyst that keeps your audience interested and engaged.

Producing corporate videos for your company is a beautiful idea. It’s the perfect way of passing across your message, giving you an engaging platform for communicating anything about your brand. It could be giving instructions, announcing a new product, or usual brand promotions. Corporate voiceover narration is an excellent investment. The voice behind the video is crucial for the script to achieve your intended aims.

Using someone from your company may seem like a cost-effective plan. Whether you use someone from Sales, PR, or the front office, this plan never seems to deliver as hoped. Hiring the right voiceover talent is the best approach, and here is why.

A Pleasant, Professional Voice for Your Video

Professional voiceover artists have spent hours training and practicing. They bring life to a script, making it engaging and delightful to hear. Having a good voice is not enough. You want someone who will capture the right inflections. That someone also has to observe the punctuation marks wherever they are. A simple mistake or the wrong pitch will result in an irritating sound. It will make people switch off from the message or remember it for its annoying quality.

Kate Will Match & Enhance Your Style

Every video you produce has to match the style you want to associate with your product or brand. Do you want an authoritative tone? A vibrant personality? A trusted and reassuring voice? Or do you want one that gives off a sophisticated aura? Maybe you want to reach a younger, hipper, millennial target audience.

Professional voiceover artists receive training to produce these and more styles. They can tell the differences by the script and company history.

More importantly, they can reproduce the same form in different formats. This ability helps keep consistency in future projects. This consistency helps create a familiarity between the target audience and your brand.

Voice Over Talent is Flexible and Versatile

At times, producing a corporate video can be demanding, requiring many changes. Hiring voice-over talent helps with this issue too. Corporate voiceover artists can adapt to the different tasks and demands and give guidance as needed in a short time. Professional voice actors do not force you to compromise on your needs.  They are versatile and will provide you with what your company needs.

Another advantage, especially for small firms, is the expertise of these artists. They can assist with finding the right direction for the voice over, the right tone and can even help make sure the script sounds right read out loud.  For example, Kate has experience and training in narrating a variety of scripts. The collaborative effort results in a compelling corporate brand video. Kate considers all aspects that your company wants to convey.

Communicating With Different Audiences

Like any marketing communication, you have to understand the target audience. Professional voice artists can help with this. They can package the message in a way which resonates with your audience. You won’t find such understanding in someone who has no experience in the business. Regardless of how good their voice may be or how willing they are to give it a shot, do not use an inexperienced person.

Hiring voice over talent may seem like an extra expense when producing corporate videos, but it can actually save you money to hire a professional. Quality business narration has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your videos, resulting in high returns on the investment.

Kate is the first choice as a female voiceover narrator for many business organizations. She covers dozens of topics for clients all across the globe. We’d like you to see what Kate can do for your project. Please review her Corporate Narration Demo and take a look at her video samples. You can also request a free custom audition or get a detailed quote for voiceover services today!


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Corporate Voiceovers by Kate Marcin

Kate can make even the driest content fun and interesting to listen to when it comes to voiceover for corporate videos. Engage customers and employees alike.